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At Heritage the Treehouse is a busy place on Sunday mornings.  Our partnership with parents involves creating nurturing environments for faith building.

The Treehouse is home to the Playhouse (Babies through VPK) and the Hideout (Kindergarten through Fifth Grades). When families enter the child check-in area, our welcome leaders will help them check in their child and direct them to the right environment.  We are passionate about partnering with our parents to lay specific foundational truths in our kids' hearts based on their developmental level.  

In the Playhouse preschoolers are worshipping, playing and learning about God and His Son.   During the preschool years we want our little ones to understand three truths as they get their first impressions of God.


In the Hideout we want our elementary aged kids to learn so much about Jesus that they not only fall in love with Him but they want to follow Him for the rest of their lives.


For more information on the Orange curriculum or the Youth Ministry at Heritage, go to the Family Ministry page. 


Treehouse Kids        Next Generation        Resources