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At Heritage, our Overseers provide spiritual oversight, direction, and leadership for our church family, entrusting the implementation of that direction to the ministry team and staff, under the leadership of the senior pastor. 


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sidney-overseer jack-overseertom-overseer brian-overseer jerry-overseer bob-overseer bart-overseer

Ministry Team

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staff-pics-2019-sidney with title 1000px staff-pics-2020-brian 1000px  staff-pics-2019-sheila with title 1000px staff-pics-2019-allison with title 1000px staff-pics-2019-jonica with title 1000px staff-pics-2020-sherry 1000px staff-pics-2019-andi with title 1000px staff-pics-2019-colleen with title 1000px staff-pics-2019-glen with title 1000px staff-pics-2019-jeo with title 1000px